The Wild Boar Wedding Shoot

Ruth was one of my real Brides just four weeks before this shoot took place and I was lucky enough to work with her for a second time when I got the call to do the make-up for this collaboration between the amazingly talented Lisa Aldersley and The Wild Boar Inn...


Lisa Aldersley is a photographer whose wedding style I really love (wistful, romantic, classically beautiful with an attention-to-detail approach) And I've admired her from afar for a while so I was really pleased to find she's just as lovely in real life as I'd hoped!

Lisa had been commissioned to shoot some images for The Wild Boar Inn, a hotel and Wedding Venue just off the Crook road on the way to Windermere so of course we met at the hotel and had a lovely light and airy suite to get ready in. (Eagle-eyed MUA's will spot from the pictures that I was without my make-up chair. I will definitely have a stoop when I'm an old lady...)

I recreated the look from Ruth's actual wedding day when she wore a beautiful 50's style calf-length lace gown and we went for a light base with the focus on defining the eyes. A soft fawn/caramel colour in the crease and a matte brown liner smoked up from the lashline with a subtle flick and some individual lashes at the outside corners. I finished the look with a touch of highlighter on the brow bone and inner corners of the eyes and a warm peachy blush on the apples of the cheeks. She really didn't need anything else!


So once the make-up was finished and I'd done all the other standard Make-Up Artist's wedding day duties (fasten 80 buttons on dress, position hair slide, secure veil, moisturise Bride's legs on hands and knees on the floor with head stuck up dress. It really is non-stop glamour!) They went off to capture some beautiful images in the stunning scenery of the grounds of The Wild Boar...



To see more of Lisa Aldersley's work visit her website:

And to visit The Wild Boar Inn's Website go to:

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By Guest on Apr 01 2013 at 9:57 PM
Stunning mummy is so proud of you x

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