Seductive Boudoir with Kate Hopewell-Smith

I can’t say enough about photographer Kate Hopewell-Smith. I feel like I should be putting some letters after her name, like MBE or QBB (Queen Bee of Boudoir!) Of course she doesn’t just do boudoir. She has too many talents and accreditations to list. The woman’s a genius. Google her. Or follow the link at the end of this post.
I'd been asked to do the make-up for this shoot as part of a seminar taught at Aspire Contemporary Photographic Training. The shoot was on location and Kate would be the trainer.
I saw women transformed into goddesses in that room when she pointed her camera at them and I turned into a cod. Staring open-mouthed in wonder and not quite believing my luck that this opportunity had come my way. 
I’ve said it before but I am so so passionate about the way a boudoir shoot can make a woman feel. Not a highstreet drop-in conveyor belt studio where you pay £10 for the shoot, a fortune for the pictures and look like a glamour mag wannabe.
No, I’m passionate about the kind of photography that makes a woman look and feel so empowered that a ‘lads mag’ couldn’t touch her.
Our models for the day were completely different so I had a fantastic time with the make-up! Two different looks for two different characters and styles.
We’ll start with Rosie, who has a porcelain skin suited to a dewy finish. Soft and imperfect was the aim. Pretty but a bit ‘undone’ with focus on those doe eyes.  English Rose pinks and a smudge of brown kohl along the lashline with some wispy individual lashes to keep it pretty and a flushed cheek and slick of pink gloss to give a sultry finish.

Meya has the most gorgeous skin. I wanted it to be flawless but keep that rich undertone. Her eyes are an amazing hazel so I used lilac-pinks and a deep aubergine to really make them ‘pop’. Meya is used to wearing strong eye make-up and her eyes can definitely carry it so we used a jet black gel eyeliner blended into the purples and a set of sleek and full strip lashes. A nude gloss was all that was needed to finish. The whole look was a lot more defined, bold and feline than Rosie’s. I loved the contrast in the two!
So that's seductive Boudoir with Kate Hopewell-Smith. The only woman to make me consider taking my clothes off in front of a camera : ) Thank you to Kate for allowing her work to be featured in this post, and thank you to Rosie and Meya for being so gorgeous and for letting me share their images in my galleries.
For enquiries about make-up for this type of shoot please do get in touch- You don't have to be on the blog!
For Kate Hopewell-Smith visit
For more about Aspire CPT go to
Thanks for reading x

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Catherine Connor By Guest on Sep 28 2013 at 6:07 PM
A stunning collection of images, beautiful x
Come on - let\'s do it...! By Guest on Sep 28 2013 at 10:55 PM
Aimee - thank you for such amazing words. Now straight to the point - let me photograph you...? X

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