Roxanne and Antony's Beautiful Spring Wedding

I suppose I'm very lucky to be able to say that I've really got on with all my Brides- not just thought 'Oh yeah she's nice...' But actually really got on with them, had a giggle, loved looking at their wedding pictures and felt a bit sad when I've taken their notes out of my wedding file.

(I've mentioned this before, I know. All By Myself Syndrome.)

Well this one in particular was an absolute hoot!

 I was recommended to Roxanne by a mutual friend and was surprised that we hadn't already met- especially as after an hour at her house for her pre-wedding consultation we were chin-wagging like a pair of old fishwives! I knew when we starting exchanging stories about giving birth she was a girl after my own (totally inappropriate) heart.

Roxanne and Antony were married at St. Oswald's Church in Burneside and had their reception at The Low Wood Bay Hotel, Bowness-on-Windermere.

  Rox had four Bridesmaids in total, three of whom are from 'dahhhn saarf' and I wouldn't be able to meet for a trial before the wedding so it was a case of making it up on the day (Not generally a problem but made even easier when they are as gorgeous a bunch of girls as these four!)

One of Roxanne's Bridesmaids (who shall remain nameless!) had said ''I will be telling her that I like a fair bit of foundation-Don't be coming at me with no tinted moisturiser!!'' Another tried to convince me that a rather unattractive man of about 70 was the Father of her unborn child, and there was much debate about who was 'The Funny One' of the group, so as you can imagine, I had a ball on the morning of this wedding!


Joe Mather swanned in during the preparations and filled the suite with the sound of his camera shutter clicks and the smell of his amazing aftershave and made all the girls go a bit quiet momentarily (!) But we quickly forgot about him as you can see from the fantastic images in this blog that he kindly provided me with. You can see more of Joe's beautiful work from the link below...


And it was a lovely surprise to see Katie Robinson from Made In Flowers pop in with some stunning bouquets and a huge bunch of flowers for Roxanne as a gift from her Hubby-to-be. (On top of the gorgeous jewellery he also bought her -Grooms take note!)  I've done quite a bit of work with Katie and it's nice to see a familiar face on W-Day!







Roxanne's Bridal look centered around her stunning Bambi eyes with smokey chocolate MAC shades and long fluttery lashes. Her skin tone was perfect for a soft coral blush and a nude gloss finished the look. All the bridesmaids had a variation of the same natural taupey-brown eyeshadows, light bronze and pinky blush and used their own lip glosses so they could top them up over the course of the day.



After the Bridesmaids had left in their car and Joe had gone ahead to the church to get some shots of the boys Roxanne had to wait for her car and make sure all the wedding party had left so she wouldn't be seen in her dress! I was absolutely honoured at this point to witness the moment her Dad came to collect her and laid eyes on her for the first time as a Bride.

I still well up at the memory of him walking through the door and saying 'Bloody 'ell Rox!' through his choked-up tears. I still can't get over what a privilege this is and it gets me every single time. I took a picture of them, just the two of them in the Bridal Suite, a touching moment with tears still in their eyes.

But it's not my picture to share : )








I'll leave you with this breathtaking image of the happy couple on the jetty at The Low Wood Bay with the sun setting over the lake and say thankyou again to Joe Mather and Congratulations to Rox and Ant.

Wishing you all the very best for your future as Mr & Mrs...x

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