Part II: Ooh La-La! Boudoir

Soooo... The second installment of the Boudoir Series is here. The Sequel to 'Bridal Boudoir'; a darker, vampier and more seductive portrait of tousled hair and blood red lips.

This is Ooh La-La Boudoir!

We switched up the outfits for the second part of the shoot and went for classic black boudoir attire with some killer heels so naturally a different make-up look was needed! I kept the skin flawless but added a deeper contour to really carve out the cheek bones, a grey and black smokey eye with some winged corner lashes and a deep red matte lipstick.


I absolutely love the idea of a boudoir shoot being about two looks. Why not get the most out of your session and switch it up in the middle? Shoot the Bridal/light look first, give yourself time to warm up and relax into it. By the time you've changed outfits and added some lashes for the Ooh La La/dark look you'll be posing like a pro and you get a whole different side to show for your efforts!

It could be an album of two halves, a gift for your fiancé on the wedding morning and then one year anniversary. A surprise for a partner of many years or just an album for yourself?

Why not??

Nobody even has to see it... Be brave. And give me a call, I'd love to help you : )

I have to say thank you again to Naomi for letting me share these shots. You look amazing!

And to Rachel Hayton for these images. To be able to capture the beauty and femininity in this scenario and make a woman look as effortlessly gorgeous as this, with the right amount of sensuality whilst in no way objectifying- well that's a talent.

Thank you x

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