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I'm going to try and keep it make-up focussed because that's what you came here for, but we did have some of the most amazing suppliers involved in our Big Day so I will put links at the end and touch on any that feature in the pics I've included!

 Our photographer was the incredible Rachel Hayton and all of these images are her beautiful work. A note about Rachel at the end!
And I can't not mention our collaborator/wedding planner/stylist Emma Tebbey of Tebbey&Co. We basically designed our wedding and she literally made it happen. Along with Husband Simon she has since launched 'Narrative Event Hire' Supplying Wedding and event rentals, tabletop and styling props as well as furniture! So if you spot something in the background of our pictures and you want it you can probably get it from them!

Beautiful Gilt Easel supplied by Typical Type, sourced by Tebbey&Co and decorated by Made In Flowers.

I did my own make-up for my Wedding Day. And I also did my Bridesmaids' make-up and my Mum's. I didn't actually want to do my own but I knew that anyone I would have trusted would already be booked (We planned our wedding inside a year. The best ones can go up to two years in advance. It was a Saturday in August.) For all the same reasons I recommend you get a professional to do your wedding make-up, I wanted one for myself. I knew there was a chance I would be too nerve-wracked to get my eyeliner on evenly, and this would be the one day I'd need my make-up to go right and it might not. I also didn't just want to look like every day me! I get stuck in a make-up rut the same as everyone else, despite having access to a kit full of different make-up I always gravitate towards the same look and I didn't want to get down the aisle and for Pete to think. 'Meh.' So I went for a trial at Harvey Nic's Beauty Bazaar in Liverpool in the hope that they would do something amazing that I could recreate with some new products, but I didn't like it and I think that just reaffirmed that it would be better if I did my own.

Beautiful Faye, almond eyes and winged lashes with full brows!

Gorgeous Bethany, softer and more natural smokey eyes and peachy cheeks!

 As for the girls, I didn't want to do them out of the experience! I couldn't have made them do their own when I'm a Make-up artist with a pro kit just sat there! I'd already painted all three of their faces lots of times before, two of them for their own Wedding Days! My Sister-in Law is the most laid-back person you'll ever meet amd rarely wears make-up at all so they all literally said 'Do what you want' and I did! And to be honest, I think it gave me something to focus on other than nerves! I just did everything in my usual running order but with my rollers in, and it was like the ultimate girly getting-ready session! My girls were wearing floor-length gold sequin Bridesmaid dresses so it suited a slightly more glam make-up than Bridesmaids would usually tend to go for. They each had a classic dark brown smokey eye with a pop of metallic bronze or gold in there somewhere but they all look completely different and have different styles so it was a variation suited to each of them.


Sarah the little stunner on the right completes the trilogy with her perfect skin and chocolate brown smokey eyes!

Hair by Shelley Gibson.

Breaking from painting to receive the most amazing bouquet I've ever seen, from Katie at Made In Flowers


My own make-up was quite classic, neutral taupes/brown eyeshadows with a defined crease and slightly winged liner. A few wispy lashes and a nude lip. Subtle contour and highlight and a peachy-coral blush on the apples of the cheeks. Nothing overly adventurous or amazing! I forgot to pack ANY make-up to take with me to the venue so couldn't do any touch-ups at all. Not that I really needed any but the one thing I would say that I didn't realise before, is that everyone will hug you and kiss you on the same side. So if every single person in your wedding hugs you on the same side and kisses that same cheek at least once, that's a lot of wear and tear! Another reason to have a professional with tried and tested long-wear products!

My Mum can't see a thing without her specs so she was easy enough to do. (Ha! Just kidding Mum, sorry.) She had natural-looking skin and a very soft brown smokey eye but with black liner and lots of individual lashes as that's her trademark.

When I finally put the brushes down I started to panic (more about the time than anything because we'd got carried away having fun and obviously I don't usually have to factor in getting my hair done when I'm working someone else's wedding morning so we were now running late. Bride's prerogative and all that. But I still had to get into the dress and it was two dresses in one so I had a skin-tight satin fishtail to squeeze into and then a lace overlay to attach to the top and all the accessories to put on. Make sure that if you've left brushing your teeth until the last minute that you do it before the dress goes on! Also make sure you get dressed in a well-ventilated room or the ones who are helping you into it will be sweating all their make-up off. (I don't usually pack the translucent powder and blotting sheets away until this bit is done, just in case!)

Your mouth will likely be dry as a bone and your throat closed up by now so a Bridesmaid on hand with a bottle of water with a straw in (so you don't pour it down the dress or ruin your lipstick) is a Godsend at this point. And on the topic of lipstick, you will be so unbelievably busy from the minute you get into that dress to the minute you take it off at the end of the night, you will not be able to think about/find/keep on top of lipstick touch-ups so if you think you'll get your pictures back and wish you had, then allocate the responsibility to a Bridesmaid who is likely to remember/find/keep on top of your lipstick for you (Thanks Faye!) There isn't a lip product in the land that is going to hold up for 16hours+ of kissing, drinking and eating after one application.


Hair by Shelley Gibson



What a line-up! With the amazing 'Bella' a 1950's Chevy Bel Air, which was playing the Dirty Dancing Soundtrack when it picked me up!


My Lovely Mummy-Lady. Hair by Shelley Gibson.



Festoon lights by Typical Type. The Band are the wonderful Gypsies of Bohemia.

The one who would quite merrily have had a full face of make-up but I don't put make-up on children!!

Still looking fairly fresh, despite the rain, hugs, kisses, drinking, eating and dancing and 10 hours no touch-ups!

So that's pretty much it for my own wedding! I could go on and on about it but this is meant to be a make-up site so I'll leave it at that for our details and pictures.

Just two more topics that crop up time and again that I had to consider as both a Bride and an MUA and can tell you a bit about:-

Skincare. I'm often asked about it and my reply is always the same- I'm not a Dermatologist/Beauty Therapist, I'm purely a make-up artist so I'm not qualified to dish out advice in this field leading up to something as important as your wedding day. More often than not, as make-up artists, we get what we're given and deal with it! I can obviously colour-correct all skin tones and types, cover hyper-pigmentation, rosacea and high colouring and blur the texture of light acne scarring, blemishes and fine lines. I would recommend everyone has a cleanse, tone and moisturising regime tailored to their skin type and needs. But if you have any serious skin complaints then see a trusted and reputable Beauty Therapist or Dermatologist well in advance of the day itself and don't try anything new or drastic the week before!

And finally, fake tanning. I've seen them really well done and I've also seen some really badly done and it's a tricky one to advise. If you think it's worth the risk for that glow, go for a trial run well in advance of your wedding and then change NOTHING that you did on the day you that one and going for the actual pre-wedding tan. ie, which moisturiser you used, whether you exfoliated, if you had perfume on, wore a bra straight after, didn't wear a bra straight after, how long you left it before washing off etc. All of those things can affect a fake tan and it's really difficult for us as make-up artists to correct any tanning mistakes convincingly. There may also be some colour-transfer onto your dress. It can usually be removed with a professional clean but can look unsightly on the day. You may regularly have either a spray tan or just a fake tan application by hand and be absolutely fine with it. It can give a lovely base for make-up application when applied evenly and helps if you're going on honeymoon straight after the wedding! But if it's the first time you're considering it, see a professional beauty therapist with plenty of experience and tell them it's for your wedding day!

Obviously I have plenty more tips and tricks from encounters on Wedding mornings. We are so much more than Make-up Artists. I've done plenty of buttons, laces and ribbons, buttonholes, cufflinks and ties. Calmed nerves, dried tears, moisturised legs, put on shoes, driven to asda for antihistamine for a flower girl and even put out a fire! From the traditions to the legalities and the things everyone else forgets. But I'll keep those for my Brides... I will give you my suppliers though!

Huge love and thanks to the following:-

Styling/Planning/Coordination/Rentals tebbeyandco.com

Flowers made-in-flowers.co.uk

Hair facebook.com/shelleygibsonhairdressing

Easel and Festoon Lighting typicaltype.co.uk

'Bella' the Chevrolet foxweddings.co.uk

Music gypsiesofbohemia.co.uk

And last but by no means least, our Photographer.

I obviously work with a lot of photographers in my job and was spoiled for choice when it came to narrowing down who would capture the happiest day of our lives. We both love Rachel's style but as well as being ridiculously talented, she is a dream to have around. She knows us as a couple so we felt at ease in her presence. She knows our friends and got to know our family so she could move among them and capture moments in an unobtrusive way, and she's a details girl. I put a lot of effort into those details- as did the rest of our suppliers, so I wanted to make sure we had photographic evidence of every petal, crumb, candle flame, guitar string and champagne bubble! And we do! For more from Rachel go to rachelhayton.com

And if you got this far, thank you for indulging me! Here's the man who indulges me every day, my Gorgeous Husband x






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