Mr & Mrs Hayton~ A Destination Wedding.

It's freezing outside. I've been meaning to write this post for sooo long and now, in the middle of winter, seems like the perfect time for a flashback to a sunny week in the beautiful Algarve... Take me back!

Sarah and Gareth have featured on these pages before, as part of their 'bump' shoot with Ian Wood Photography. Well now they're back! And so is Ian. I couldn't be happier to be featuring his stunning work again. He has become something of a 'family photographer' for The Haytons and he was first choice to shoot their wedding. Luckily he didn't mind the prospect of a long weekend in the sun so they flew him out to Portugal to cover the proceedings and the results are just breath-taking.

Sarah and Gareth are two of our very best friends and so not only did I do the make-up and hair for this destination wedding, but I was a Bridesmaid too, along with Sarah's beautiful sister Charlotte.

 I have had to keep reminding myself that this is a make-up blog but to give you a bit of an overview, the ceremony itself was the perfect mix of beachy laid-back cool with a nod to Sarah's Chinese heritage. She wore a traditional 'cheongsam' dress from China but in white as opposed to red (perfect blend of both cultural traditions if you ask me!) whilst Charlotte and I wore the same style and print for our Bridesmaid dresses but in turquoise.

We didn't know it until we arrived at the villa but the entire place was accessorised with turquoise- from the art on the walls to the blue of the pool- so we were perfectly coordinated, but totally by default! A happy accident.

I've painted Sarah's face before and for some reason she trusts me implicitly so we didn't actually have any kind of trial or consultation before the day itself, except for a casual 'What do you actually want your wedding face to look like, Saz?' around the pool. (Her reply was 'Umm.. dunno? Just whatever you think really? I'll have some lashes though please!') So that didn't give me much to go on but we just winged it. It's not difficult. Sarah has got perfect skin. I've said it before but I'll say it again. Just a peaches and cream kind of flawless that doesn't require any coverage at all.

She does have a tendency to get flushed cheeks after alcohol which is a common problem in a lot of women and it's often about trying to strike a balance between pre-empting this with a colour corrector under foundation but risk having a fuller coverage which might not look as natural or 'make-up free' as it could. If this is something that affects you then I'd say it boils down to how much it bothers you personally. A little flush and rosy glow in the cheeks can look beautiful and youthful and radiant, especially as it's your own natural colouring. On the other hand, a more extreme rosacea that is less 'glow' and more blotchy redness can fill a bride (or Mum!) with dread and so a green colour corrector sheered out under foundation in areas that need it keeps the skintone even and neutral. Then you can build up the glow and the blush where you actually want them!

Anyway, back to Sarah! I decided that as the heat wasn't overpowering and I'd be on hand all day for touch-ups if needed, we'd forgo any colour correcting and keep it as sheer and natural as possible on the skin and play up the eyes on that flawless canvas.

Grooms! If you must send a card filled with heartfelt words likely to open floodgates can you time it so that it arrives before make-up has been applied? It's a good test of the ol' waterproof mascara (which never fails me, I have to stress) but it's handy to get the tears out of the way beforehand. Thanks.

I used a mixture of warm-toned shadows in bronzes and chocolates to create a soft eye which smoked up from the lashline, then outwards from the corners to elongate slightly. In an Asian eye a traditional smoke can get lost because there isn't so much definition in the crease, and as Sarah's half-Chinese the focus is better placed with the deepest colour concentrated along the lashline and smoked up and out. It looks equally stunning with the eyes closed! A few individual lashes, a light contour and peachy blush on the apples of the cheeks along with a nude gloss just finished the look off beautifully.

Ooooh look! A baby! I do love it when a baby pops in to wish his Mummy luck on Wedding Day : )

I did my own hair and make-up as well as Charlotte's. We both had a version of the same very natural smokey eyes and nude lip with a loose low updo.

Professional hairdressers don't put grips in their mouths. (Luckily I'm not a professional hairdresser, and I definitely do not put make-up brushes in my mouth!)

Then it was off to get wed! The marriage took place on the steps at the entrance to the villa, a beautiful and emotional ceremony surrounded by nearest and dearest followed by a drinks reception around the pool and the most amazing barbecue feast painstakingly prepared and cooked by Sarah's very talented chef of a Dad! (They pulled in everyone's skills for this wedding)

We laughed and drank until the sun went down, when we each floated a candle out into the pool with well-wishes for the newlyweds. And then everyone retired into the main lounge for a huge cheeseboard feast and an absoutely genius round of the Mr&Mrs board game! Every couple in the house joined in (as well as a few duos who weren't couples but rather worryingly knew more about eachother than some of the real partnerships!) It wasn't planned but it was such a unique and perfect way to end a day that had been all about family, close friends and love.

Thank you to Mr&Mrs Hayton for letting me share in your week, your big day and the gorgeous images here on the blog. I love you guys so much x

Just one more thing...

I'll never forget Ian standing in the doorway snapping away as I finished Sarah's make-up and then she stood up and said 'Right, should I get dressed?'  I hadn't realised it but she didn't even look in the mirror at her finished face...Ian slowly lowered his camera, looked at Sarah, then at me, and said 'That's trust, that is.'

Thanks for trusting me, Saz x

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