Mal Life... A Liverpool Wedding.

Let me start this blog post by saying that one of the things I don't think I'll ever get over as a Wedding Make-up Artist, is the feeling of being so completely involved in all the hype of wedding preparations- The run-up to W-Day, the hoopla of the whole morning, people bustling in and out of the Bridal Suite, the nervous excitement of the moment finally being here...

And then the cars arrive, the Bride and her 'maids shuffle out in a cloud of giddiness and hairspray and the chatter disappears down the corridor and you're left on your own with the aftermath.

It's the strangest feeling!! I always want to go to the Wedding!

It's ridiculous really- I mean, usually you've only met the Bride twice, you didn't know her at all before and possibly wont see her again but I'm always left thinking ''Ooooh Gosh, she'll be walking down the aisle now! Eeeek she'll be Mrs. So-and-So now!''

Sometimes as I pack up my brushes I'm actually humming 'All By Myself'.

To myself.


Anyway! This wedding was different because I actually DID get to go to this one! My boys were playing starring roles as Best Man and Page Boy and I would be doing the Bride's make-up so we were all very much involved...

The whole thing took place at The Malmaison Hotel on Liverpool's Albert Docks, which lent itself to some VERY cool Wedding photography. Some of which I'm pleased to be able to share with you, and credit goes to Steven Rooney of Natural Touch Photography, a Southport based Wedding photographer who kindly sent me these images. -And I just love them!

His journalistic style has a real fly-on-the-wall feel, almost 'gritty' at points and sooo interesting to see because you know it's how it actually was on the day.





Nothing like the arrival of a baby in the Bridal suite to stop proceedings while the girls go a bit silly!


Sarah wanted flawless skin with a real peachy blush high on the cheekbones and the eyes really 'popped' with the addition of some long wispy lashes and a colour pallette of lightly shimmering taupes and chocolate browns. And waterproof mascara.

LOTS of waterproof mascara. Which was good because Sarah was a 'crier' and she wont mind me telling you that she actually turned mid-ceremony and mid-sob and called out 'I'm really sorry Aims!'

The whole day was very emotional and she wasn't the only one shedding tears. (Ahem. Best Men.)
I'm pleased to report that despite this, we didn't need to touch-up once and as the pictures show, Sarah looked amazing.

Ben looked alright too.




Congratulations to Ben and Sarah, and thank you both for letting my family be part of your Big Day...x

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Lady you’re a genius! By Guest on Apr 11 2013 at 11:05 AM
Aw Aimee, what can I say? Make-up artist doesn’t justify what you brought to the Toffee Shop Suite on the morning of my wedding. Mummy to my scrumptious Page-Boy, better half to my dashing Best Man and master of the MAC palettes and make up brushes! Lady you’re a genius...

I honestly can’t recommend you and your skills highly enough. It was an absolute pleasure having you as part of the pre-wedding chaos, not just as a make-up artist, but as part of my wedding and memories that I will never forgot.

Mrs Wragg

By Guest on May 13 2014 at 8:33 PM
Ahh just perfect! Lovely pictures, lovely ladies :) x

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