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I don't even know where to start with this one. This wedding and the people in it mean a lot to me. I have worked with the Bride, Claire for around ten years maybe?? She's my boss at Topshop where I also work with her Best Friend Josephine. I went to school with Claire's Sister Lisa, so we've been friends since I was around 11 years old, and because of this I also know youngest Sister Beth and now Groom's Sister, Hannah. Not to mention the rest of the family! 

And what a lovely family. This wedding was one that made me question if I was actually cut out for this job because after everyone was ready and had left and I sat in amongst the aftermath of the standard wedding morning massacre I was so emotional I actually cried and had to wash the pots. In Tim and Debbie's house! Far too emotionally attached to these lot...

Claire and Paul were married in May, three months before my own Wedding at the same Church, St. James' in Staveley. So obviously we went through the planning stages at the same time, excitedly comparing notes and sharing stories and pre-marriage preparation classes (!) I was absolutely honoured when she asked if I would do the make-up on the day.


Steve Barber was the photographer, which I was over the moon about because Steve is one of my favourites and I knew his style would absolutely do this beautiful day justice. Katie of Made In Flowers created the perfect blooms and Ky Wilson was responsible for hair. Ky is one of the most talented stylists I've worked with and someone who is carving out a fantastic career, pushing the boundaries in creativity and innovative styling and making a name for himself down in London. (He's got some exciting developments up here too so check out his website- links below!)




We set up shop at Claire's Parents' house and Debs provided the most amazing breakfast seen outside of a five-star hotel. We had quite a few faces to get through but luckily I've seen them all before so it wasn't too tricky! The main aim was keeping it natural. None of the girls is particularly make-up heavy at all so we focused on glowy skin and soft fresh cheeks with each having the same light cool brown colour palette on the eyes with a little definition and a neutral lip. I think the softness of this look complemented the loose unstructured nature of the hair and dresses really well. For Claire, a little more definition on the lashline with a deeper chocolate brown liner and some subtle individual lashes gave her a little more of a polished look without swamping her features.




Here comes the Father-of-The-Bride moment...

You can just feel the joy! I love this so much.

Despite all the tears throughout the day they all still looked flawless when I arrived at The Low Wood Bay evening reception for my (well-earned) glass of prosecco, which is always nice to see!


There was such a buzz of nervous excitement and anticipation on this day, I think it really comes across in the pictures but the main thing that stands out for me, is the love you can see in the images. They're such a tight family and to be part of it on the morning was a complete privilege. I cried on the day when Tim came down in tears from seeing his little girl in her wedding dress for the first time and I cried again when going through the gallery over a year later!

Another thing that's really apparent is the difference between the nervous look on Claire's face heading into the church, compared with the look of sheer joy and elation on the way out! It's something I saw in my own wedding photographs too when I got them back and it always stands out when I view a gallery now if the photographer has caught it. You can actually feel it in these ones! The same way you can feel the affection between them in the private jokes and the pride in the loving glances.

Steve has captured the emotion of this day perfectly. That's why it is so important to choose your photographer wisely, you can never ever get these moments back and if it still gives you a lump in your throat a year or more down the line then it's a job well done! I'll leave you with that thought and one last gorgeous shot from Steve, and say thank you to Claire and Paul (and 'maids and family!) for letting me share.

 I think it was worth the wait! With Love x

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