Askham Hall Flower Fairies~ A Collaboration.

I absolutely love getting called up for these 'play days'. A real wedding fulfills the emotional side of my job. The genuine real-love fast paced whirlwind of wedding morning and being a part of something special is such a privilege.
And then there are days like these, where a group of creative beings get together with the tools of their craft and throw their talents into a mixing pot to see what emerges, and the results are quite spectacular! Doing these collaborations or styled shoots helps me find balance and keeps me relevant. These are the days that I feel inspired and artistic, free to create and play.

This particular shoot takes place at Askham Hall, near Penrith. A gorgeous 12 bedroom wedding venue with a converted party barn. And a pool. They have a pool!

The cast list for the day was headed up by the amazing Tiree Dawson who has provided these images for me and a whole host of other super-talented local suppliers who I will post links to and you must visit their websites and social media pages and show them some love because the styling, details and props in this extravaganza are oh so worth a look!
I'm going to focus on the make-up as that's what you came here for but it's a teeny tiny element of the overall picture that I'd love for you to see in all it's glory.

 The wedding dresses were custom made especially for the shoot by Blackburn-based Legend Bridal Designs and topped off with Tweed jackets from the Shepherdess Range, made in Britain and designed by Alison O'Neill (AKA 'The Shepherdess'!) I have to say I didn't know a lot about Alison or her fascinating lifestyle and passion for farming and British wool before the shoot, I just thought it would give us a bit of an edge to pair a tweed blazer with a wedding dress and perhaps inspire real brides to give a nod to Cumbrian life if they had farming influences for the theme of their big day. (My own wedding featured the Groom and party in mismatched Tweed jackets and we had subtle sprigs of wheat in the buttonholes as a nod to my Husband's farming roots) But I wished I'd done a bit more research because I love that kind of thing!

We had two very different looks and sets for the brief and three models (plus two adorable flower fairies for prancing, dancing and general sparkliness!) Sophie and Sadie modelled the 'Woodland' inspired look. They both lent themselves to an earthy, natural feel of cool skin tones, unique features, rich eye colours and textured hair. Betty was our classically beautiful blondie who wore the sherbert-tones of dip-dye and sparkle so well. There was a hint of gold running through the eye make-up on all three models to tie the whole thing together which doesn't translate so well in pictures as in real life but it was there!

Sophie's eye make-up was based around a palette of rich cranberry and bronze tones which made her pale blue eyes look just unreal. She has naturally incredible lashes but I added some individuals at irregular lengths for a wispy effect and brushed up her brows for a natural 'loose' look. I didn't want perfectly groomed and defined because this was woodland ethereal and a bit 'undone'.


For Sadie the colourway was more brown and green with golds and as soon as I smudged a chocolate liner along the lashline that gorgeous feline effect that her eyes have came out to play! I decided to really exaggerate it and winged the shadow out and upwards and added lashes on the very outside corners of the top lashline only. These twinkly almond eyes look like they belong to a fairytale woodland nymph! Beautiful.


Betty's look was for the second brief of dip-dye sherbert tones and glitter sparkle. I used the colours from the beautiul custom-made fabric headpiece as a reference point and settled on pinks with a lilac-mauve for depth, and full strip lashes. I paid more attention to the skin for Betty and gave her a flawless base with a subtle shimmer highlight and a wash of pink on the apples of the cheeks. She also had a stronger lip than the other two. I did toy with the idea of doing an ombré lip or a gold leaf on the cupid's bow but let's face it, it's not wearable and when we also added the lace hood it would have been too much!

Katie Simpson came up with some gorgeous hairstyles for each of them, all completely different and showcasing her skills perfectly.

Two beautiful tablescapes were curated and styled to perfection by Nina Marika, against a backdrop of festoons lights, Edison bulbs and 'little' illuminated wooden hearts provided by Typical Type and topped off with a stunning ombré macaron tower from Medici Macarons! I think I squealed. I definitely did. Especially when I saw the calligraphy stationery set by Gemma Milly and the amazing blooms created by Michelle at Valerie Ann's of Bowness!
I'm sure these details will be popping up everywhere in the coming weeks so keep your eyes peeled and prepare to be inspired.. If you just can't wait then have a look at Tiree's own blog for some swoon-inducing still life.

If this shoot features the kind of detailing you would love to have at your own Wedding then follow the links below and it could all be yours. We're all local to Cumbria or the Lake District (or willing to travel!) The props and hire elements are all available as well as the talents and services of our brilliant suppliers. Although not all seen in these images please check them out anyway!

Full Cast List:-


Co-ordination and Lighting:

Models: Sophie, Sadie and Betty, Summer and Farrah.

Thank you for reading!x

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